Friday, May 30, 2008

Sex and the City??

Well, the "big day" is here -- the nationwide release of the "long awaited" Sex and the City. My response? Who cares? It may surprise people to hear this, but during the entire time that Sex and the City was on TV, I NEVER watched it. So, this movie is no big deal. As I was sitting here this morning, I was watching Matt Lauer and Meridith Viera on the "Sex and the City" (I mean Today) Show. Every day this week they have done a segment on this movie. Is the movie so great or is it so crappy that it is in need of intense publicity and validation? I don't know nor will I be likely to find out firsthand. There is no way that I will be at the theater any time soon for a movie about the sex lives of four women. Let's work on "Sex and the Gay Ghetto". I would probably go see that one. How about a "Queer as Folk" movie? I bet that wouldn't rate a week on "Today" (although Matt may like that idea LOL).

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Lemuel said...

And here I thought the "big day" was here because it was Friday and I don't have come in to work for two days. :)