Friday, May 09, 2008

I've Had It!!

I love to get emails from friends, family, acquaintances, co-workers and such. Email is a wonderful way to stay connected -- perhaps not as personal and lasting as the traditional handwritten letter, but connectivity that is essential to healthy relationships. However, within the past week or so I have received a number of emails that either smear a political candidate (both parties and all presidential contenders) or spread fear and distrust of the government (a bit of skepticism there is not a bad thing). The sad part is that when I did as little as five minutes research on the content of these negative emails, I found the content to be essentially false. Now hear this: Before sending me any emails that tell of a candidate's past, a government cover-up, or pending legislation to charge money for emails, PLEASE take the time to check it out. If these things continue to circulate unchecked and unconfirmed, we continue to sow seeds of hatred, distrust, and uncertainty in a time where what we need is unity, hope, and peace. Every email I get now that has any of the kind of garbage I have received recently gets run through SNOPES.COM and other sources, and if found to be false, gets a response including the link to my sources and a request to cease and desist from spreading unfounded information. Come on, folks, THINK before you click SEND!


Anonymous said...

Mind if I just send a link to this post to the next person who sends me such a forward?

Lemuel said...


Lemuel said...

...and may I ask, why is it that these are all coming from my [purportedly] Christian friends?