Sunday, May 04, 2008


I guess that between us, Ben and I must have magic, I know where msny minds are going on that statement, but that is a subject for a different day's post. We were going to go look for a new dryer to replace the one that got thumped down the stairs (see previous posts) when a friend suggested taking the back off and checking to see if the heating unit (whatever the heck that looks like) was plugged in. Well, we took his advice and pulled off the back cover. We encountered the ever present collection of accumlated lint and a whole bunch of wires - so we jiggled all the wires a bit since they all seemed connected. Shrugging our shoulders and scratching our heads, we said, "Well, let's put it together and try it." We got the back cover on, plugged it in, and started it up. Amazingly it worked and actually is heating better than it has in over a year. Hmmm. That little jiggle saved us a bunch of money and the headache of "What do we buy?". HOORAY. Isn't it nice to hear good news now and then? Have a great Sunday and hug someone.


Lemuel said...

It's always great news when you do not have to spend money that you do not have to begin with! Hooray!

Ur-spo said...

clever boy
please come as soon as he can, we have a few things over hear that need his magic hands.