Friday, February 01, 2008

A White and Yucky Day

By now you may have heard about the big winter storm that has been pounding this part of the country. When we went to bed last night all was calm and I could look out and see grass; the retention pond was water. Of course we knew that was going to change overnight, and it surely did. This morning, by the time I left for work (a 38 miile trip) we had a huge amount of snow with more coming down. The roads were Slippery and snow covered. I wondered in a couple of spots if I would ever get moving when I stopped for a light. The drive took not quite twice as long as usual and I was frazzled by the time I got to work. Of course I HAD to come in -- after all, we got the parental email telling us that there was a winter storm warning and to allow extra time to get to work. Now-- do they think that we never listen to the news or weather? Do they think that we don't know enough to allow some extra time for travel in potentially bad weather? Or are they just stupid? Ah, perhaps we have hit on the answer. Then, once I arrived, we have had a bunch more snow throughout the day, so the drive home might be "fun". I'm sure I will be fine as long as the other folks on the road stay out of my way LOL. Seriously though, those who go way too fast for conditions are a hazard, and so are those who putz on the freeway. This morning, conditions for the most part kept my speed under 50MPH, but I kept getting behind people who thought that 25 or 30 was a better option -- it's a wonder they ever got where they were going. Anyway, that's the kind of day it is, so keep the folks around here in your thoughts as we travel this afternoon.


Lemuel said...

Drive safely, Nick!

Ur-spo said...

Would you believe me if I told you I miss all of that? I do!