Thursday, February 21, 2008

Here We Go Again

Well, I just saw an article from Time ),8599,1715105,00.html) in which a member of Israel's parliament blames GAYS for the recent earthquake activity in the area. Just when did we get such power? If GLBT people had that kind of influence, don't you think we'd use it for something but earthquakes -- maybe like acquiring the basic civil rights that we seek? Well, what can I say? Some people -- even major leaders (or those who think they are important) are just plain STUPID -- earthquakes are a natural phenomenenen that have nothing to do with who can or cannot adopt children! Why don't these idiots grow up? Oh well, back to the newsroom for more exciting nuggets!


Lemuel said...

You would think if we had such power that we would use it to rain down fire and brimstone and wipe out all the hets.

Ooops! Did I just reveal part of our secret agenda?


Ur-spo said...

the ancient Romans (or was it the Greeks?) thought the same thing.
it is an old theory it seems
Probably based on Poseidon buggering his minions.