Friday, February 08, 2008


Hooray! It's Friday afternoon and in just about 45 minutes I will be on my way home for the weekend. Now, that sounds really great since it will get me out of this nuthouse for a couple of days. It won't be much of a time of rest though since I have to finish a sermon for Sunday, meet with a couple of church members tomorrow, do church on Sunday, and go to Mother's for her 85th birthday open house. Somewhere in all of that there's groceries to buy, laundry to finish, and just a sense of rest. As I look out the window I see snow coming down, but at least as of now it's not sticking to anything. There is a prediction of 2-4 inches by tomorrow -- just what we need. I managed to spend a little time today working on the sermon at work, but Ive reached a point where I need more focus than this place will allow me to muster. I could probably preach it without any further preparation, but I'm not quite that bold. And as soon as I get it done and preach it, the time is at hand to begin the next one. I think it's time for a Sunday off really soon. Ben is very patient, putting up with my hectic schedule and its comings and goings. Tomorrow after my meeting in the morning we are going to find something to do together -- just the two of us having fun (hopefully inexpensive fun). That kind of thing is important -- besides that, I enjoy his company.

I did manage to get my taxes done this week and the good news is that there is money coming back -- thank God. I can hardly wait, and with the advent of electronics, it won't take too long to get here. I can find about a hundred ways to spend it of course. Some of it will probably go on some bills, but I think part of it might go to do something or buy some hot gadget. Ah the age old battle between responsibility and fun -- what's the answer?

Anyway, that's how things are here in the frozen wasteland of Michigan. Hug someone and have a great weekend.


Lemuel said...

Enjoy the weekend. How come we can always spend the same money a hundred different ways? I notice that, too. ;)

Ur-spo said...

channeling the bad ideas bears are we?
time to get sensible and pay off some debt.
or get some gin.