Friday, February 29, 2008

The Axe Falls AGAIN

Well, happy Friday everyone. Today was my "lucky" day. About 2:30 this afternoon, the Temp Agency Rep came and got me and two of my co-workers to give us the news that our jobs no longer existed. Now there is an up (or down depending on viewpoint) side to this news. They want to bring us back in "a month or two" for a new project. Also, there is another position on another help desk that is about the same distance (about 35 miles) in the other direction that is looking to start in a week or two. That one lists a four month duration. Now I have the dilemma of 1) take this new position and run the real possibility of missing out on the callback, 2)going on unemployment and waiting out the one to two months for a promised (but undetermined) assignment, or 3) going on unemployment and seeking some other position (a very limited likelihood in this economy). Oh my, there is much to think on this weekend. Thankfully, Ben has a job. It's not enough for us to live on, but it helps. SO -- stay tuned for updates.


Lemuel said...

best wishes as you struggle with that difficult decision. not an easy choice.

Ur-spo said...

i've been away for a while from blogland what with flu.
i hope you are doing ok.