Friday, February 01, 2008

What I Seen Ain't Purty and Makes Me Go Nukular

Well, I am going to rant a bit here. One of my biggest pet peeves of late is the blatant butchering of the English language by people who should know better. From the common workplace conversations to business and professional people and all the way to the hallowed halls of Pennsylvania Avenue, people are getting either more stupid or more lazy. I heard some folks talking about movies, and one guy said, "I ain't seen that one." Now -- the ain't made the hairs on my neck wiggle. Then I heard, "Last night I seen...." It made me want to PULL the hair out of my head. And, of course, we can hear our "beloved" president talking about nucular war (I hope he means nuclear -- if not, he's got some other kind of warfare up his sleeve). Beyond butchering nuclear, have you noticed how the leader of the free world tries to be so folksy? He ends all the "ing" words with "in' ". You konw -- we're gettin' the job done and we're not quittin' till the bums are runnin' for their lives. Come on, George, at least try to sound like you aren't an incompetent idiot! Couple all of those abuses with the ever present "like" sprinkled liberally into nearly every sentence and the ever present "F" word, and it's a wonder we can communicate at all. I fear what the language will become for the next generation. I know that language evolves, but - like - do we have to "F"in' help it? I ain't seen this rampant abuse of language (or lack of education) - like-um-ever. Come on, folks, most of you went to school and learned to use correct language and syntax. You've just become very lazy. Let's take the time to correctly use the language that we have.

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Ur-spo said...

hear! hear!
I try to use proper English, even when I am in a rush to do other things. I need to be more mindful to write comments in a simliar thoughtful vein.