Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Between Jobs

Well, I am now officially unemployed. As I said in my last post, my temp job ended last Friday. The other potential temp assignment hangs by a thread at the moment. They already filled the approved spots and are trying to add one to accomodate me. It's in the "approval" stage which basically means sit and wait. I applied for Unemployment and contacted my previous temp agency to reactivate my file. I have scored "Career Builder" and done some laundry. The reality is that I feel as though I am in "Free fall." While I am still busy with the church gig, it will not support me. I begin to wonder what's next. I am falling into the "I can do that tomorrow" mindset. The clean laundry is laying on the dining room table; at the moment I am unshaved, etc. At least I didn't have to commute through the snow this morning. I really need to find something to do to give myself the motivation to "DO" something. One thing that this experience will do is to give me an insight into the lives of some of my congregants. This is the first tim ein four years that I have not had a guaranteed income. Ah, life sucks. I am still trying to define my feelings about where I find myself today. Hopeless? Worthless? On the verge of some great opportunity? I don't know, but I don't like it. I guess I will figure out what to do next soon -- I hope.

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Lemuel said...

We never like those feelings of insecurity and vulnerability - at least I don't, but I must admit that once worked through, I look back at them and understand that something good was happening even then.