Sunday, March 18, 2007


This morning the phone rang before 8Am and the realtor left a message telling he had scheduled an open house for this afternoon. We scurried about shifting stuff to boxes, basement, closets, and garage. I headed out for church; Ben worked until it was time for his to go to church. He came home and did LOTS of work -- the house looks pretty decent (of course it's dangerous to open closets LOL). I came home in time for us to vacate for the open house. We hit the home show which was awesome. It's amazing how they do those HUGE displays and then tear them down in three or four days -- what a waste. We came home and shared dinner and now it's TV time. My morning at church was taxing. It was my farewell sermon and I was pretty direct, challenging and encouraging the congregation to re-group and recommit and to move forward. It was surprisingly well received. I just hope that it sank in and ultimately makes a diffence. Next Sunday is my last service there and they are planning a going away celebration. It will be just about as taxing as this morning, but it is time and we will muddle through. Now the question comes -- WHAT NEXT? I think I am just gonna take some down time and carefully consider the future. Will I be called somewhere, will Ben, will neither of us? Who knows? Surely not us. But the future will happen. Stay tuned. Tomorrow is the roll out of the newly updated software system at work -- and I thought today was taxing. I will no doubt be a basket case by 5PM.


Lemuel said...

Farewell Sundays have never been a favorite of mine. So many emotions come crashing down on everyone. Good luck and best wishes.

Ur-spo said...

you never know; I tell my old pastors about some sermon they once did that still moves me; and they are usually amazed as to 'which ones' hit home.