Monday, March 19, 2007

Monday Monday

Well, the new and improved (their words) software package rolled out at work today -- and what mayhem resulted. It's slower and less user friendly than before. And there's so many bugs in it that they ought to call Orkin! Produtivity was off by at least half. Tomorrow may be better, but later in the week the new phones go online -- that ought to be a blast. I remained remarkably calm today and seemed to do better than some of the others around me. It's not a good program and it's surely not a step forward. It has prettier colors and a little more modern look, but as to functionality -- they've taken the fun out of function. Ah well, that's progress -- and that's why there's so many terminations and so few raises. Corporate America -- yuck!

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Lemuel said...

As the expression goes in IT: "If it's working well, it must be time for an upgrade!"