Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A Little "Self Tooting"

Monday and Tuesday we had a corporate level trainer onsite (see yesterday's post for how that made me feel). Today I sent her an email with some information on a task I had completed. I sought her input to make sure I was on track. I got back an email saying, "We need to talk." We arranged a NetMetting and conference call for this afternoon (that meant taking over my boss's office for a while. I stewed all morning and into the afternoon wondering how I had screwed up. We were online and on the phone for over an hour doing and re-doing the work that I had "done wrong." The upshot at the end of an hour was that I had indeed done the task correctly. There was no apology and I didn't really expect or need one. There was a concession that there might be more than one way of doing things and also some discussion that our clients need to learn how to submit their information in a format that allows us to do our jobs in a timely manner. So, following the meeting, I came back out and announced to my co-workers that I (with their input) had done the work correctly and that some positive changes may be in the works. That's all great, but I kind of dread next week when the new version of our primary software tool rolls out -- that and our new phone system in the same week -- a scary thought. More as details unfold.

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