Tuesday, March 13, 2007

So Far a Week from Hell

Hi all, it's Tuesday night and only three days of work to go before the weekend. The past two days at the office have felt like a week and not a good one at that. Between bizarre data requests, extra (and inept) training, visiting "higher ups" and the like have made the past two days HELL. However, I think that the next couple of days will be better. The higher ups have gone on their merry way, the training sessions are over for now, and tomorrow should - I hope - be business as usual. On the home front all is well except that we are both dealing with back discomfort -- Ben even more than I. It was really tough being at work today as the temperature here hit 73 degrees. It felt almost summery. Almost all the snow is gone (though there may well be more on the way), Anyhow, it's nearly bedtime, so I will sign off and wish you all well -- hug someone special.

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Ur-spo said...

i hope your week is better for you!