Thursday, March 22, 2007

Corporate America Heading East

Below is an edited for content, company name and extraneous information copy of an email I received at work regarding an upcoming netconference with our support team in Malaysia. Take note of the line about our jobs disappearing. Even though I am there through a temp agency and know that my job time is limited, there is just something wrong about helping to train the people who are going to take not only my job and those of my co-workers, but who also will be taking yet these more jobs from the US and particularly Michigan economic base. This meeting and this email are wrong and offensive on so many levels that I hardly know where to begin. So, dear friends, you can read this for yourself and draw your own comments and conclusions. The email content follows in italics:

"You have been selected to "Job Shadow" with the Malaysia team. You may be wondering what this means…well, the work we currently do today will eventually be handled by Malaysia, no official date has been set. At this point we're at the "Job Shadowing" phase, so Malaysia can get a feel for how we process our work. We need to provide them the "day to day" with processing the work. Specifically, Malaysia has asked for review of the following:......."

I guess I won't be getting quite so comfy with this job. I sure hope that a church call comes through for Ben or for me. Looks like a rocky road may be on the horizon! OUCH.


Lemuel said...

Nothing will happen to correct this until the Congress, Courts, and Presidency are "outsourced" to China.

Ur-spo said...

this sounds grim; hang in there.