Friday, February 16, 2007

Yes on 957?

We watched the Today Show yesterday with some enthusiasm as they reported the story out of Washington (the state, not the capital) of Proposition 957 that, if passed, would require couples desiring to marry to prove their abiity to pro-create. While I think that the "law" would be absurd, I do applaud the fellow who is trying to raise the hundreds of thousands of signatures needed to get it on the ballot. He is simply carrying the flawed logic of the state supreme court (likely comprised of heterosexuals) to its ridiculous and logical conclusion. If same sex couples are not allowed to marry because they cannot procreate, then the same should be true for heterosexual couples. Even if the proposal never makes it to the voting booth it should help to raise awareness. I find it a bit odd that the mainstream gay organizations (Is that an oxymoron?) are not supporting or promoting the effort. This whole thing is almost reminiscent of the TV movie Wedding Wars where the gay guy picketed the governor's mansion, caught the national media attention, and birthed a nationwide strike in support of gay marriage. Ridiculous plot? It appears that at least one person in Washington state believes in the power of ONE! Whether we support the totality of this proposed law or not, I believe that we need to talk about it, encourage its placement on the ballot, and keep pushing the envelope. Every time someone opens their mouth (usually to place their foot there) in opposition to gay marriage, we should by word and action point out the flaws in their argument. The time for passivity is past. The time for sitting by and taking the continued injustices, half truths, and illogical arguments from the priveleged hets is past! Do I believe that 957 should pass? NO. Do I support the guy who started this ball rolling? Absolutely! What about you?

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Lemuel said...

I had not heard of this prop, but I love things like this in which people illustrate the absurdity of the logic - or push the other side to acknowledge the real reason for their objections to whatever. In this case "not being able to procreate" is just a spin for "I hate gays" (hmmm. where have I heard that?) and this man is uncovering the sham of it all. Hurray for him!