Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bigots Everywhere

I listened and watched in disbelief this morning as I heard the news account of former NBA player Tim Hardaway's vitriolic and homophobic statements. He blatantly admitted to being homophobic and seemed to wear his homophobia proudly. Unbelievable. At least now I know what washed up athletes do when they quit playing -- they sometimes become professional bigots, sometimes professional idiots, and in this case both. Imagine the good that a person as well known as this could do if he directed his persona to positive things. Imagine, instead, the harm that his homophobic and igmorant statements causes. There are kids everywhere who look up to this guy -- and listen to him. Frightening. And on another, perhaps less important note, Mr. Hardaway is African American! How do you suppose he would feel if a fellow player stood up and called him the "N" word or even "the colored guy." He'd scream "racism", and be all over that, but I guess it's okay for an oppressed person to become the oppressor. Ah well, what's our world coming to?

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Lemuel said...

I fear its not what we're coming to, but where we've been all along.