Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Is the World on Speed?

I just got back from my midweek drive on the freeway for church. As I traveled along at 75MPH (5 miles above the limit) I was being buzzed and passed and honked at and even flipped off. Apparently five miles over the posted speed limit is too slow for the average motorist. That made me wonder why speed limits even exist. I believe that we either need better enforcement -- tickets with a bite for even minimal speeding -- or the elimination of limits -- every person for him/her self. THink of the money the states could save if they didn't have to make all those signs. No one seems to pay attention to them anyhow. Slow down and pay attention to those speed limits - they are there for a reason. Going a few miles an hour faster doesn't really amount to any time savings unless you are driving literally hundreds of miles. Life doesn't have to be whizzing along at top speed.


Lemuel said...

Word of advice: do not drive in NJ or MA. :)

Ur-spo said...

phoenix arizona is hellish for bad drivers like this. worse, they are irate that recent photo enforcements are now up, apparently infringing on their rights to speed?
meanwhile, I drive the speed limit watching everyone whizzzz by me, getting to death faster than I.