Saturday, February 03, 2007

Saturday is HERE -- HOORAY

Well, it's been eight days since I posted anything to the blog. Between working 10 hour days and a big case of writer's block (or computer "who cares?) there hasn't been much to say. Work is nuts -- everything is either an exception or a crisis. I've been on the job less than an month and they have me training the new folks -- now that is not too bright. I have a reasonable idea of what I am doing, but surely not enough to adequately train someone. And on top of that, the company seems to live in a punitive incentive model. Emails and threats of "non-conformance letters" are rampant. On top of that, we hear "That will go on your permanent record." Now that might mean something if I were a permanent employee, but many of us are working through a temp agency. My "permanent record" is not really theirs to mess up. And then there's the fact that most of my bosses are younger than my daughter. What I lack in job knowledge I think I make up in life experience. These young go-getters are working to build their career futures (and I applaud that) but they really need to learn some people skills first. If it sounds like I am ragging, perhaps I am. I was awake at 5:30 this morning with work crap going through my mind. Now that is sick. Anyway, the day is now well under way.

Tonight we are having a small gathering of Ben's work folks to socialize and watch Rocky Horror..... should be interesting. That means a bit of cleaning and shopping along with laundry today, church tomorrow, and back to the salt mines on Monday. Ah well, so goes the weekend. And I never complain on payday LOL. Anyhow, that's the way I see it this day after Groundhog Day. Have a great weekend.

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Lemuel said...

This is a hard skill to learn, but a vital one in my book: when you walk out the door from work, let it there behind the door.

I spent nineteen years of living my work 24/7.

In my present job, if they're not paying, I'm not thinking (about them anyway). **grin**

Have a great weekend! Enjoy Rocky Horror. Did you hear the clip from Justin's blog? (Under Red Light)