Thursday, February 15, 2007

Another Amazement

The other evening I was doing some online research as I am seeking to open a new checking account closer to home. The distance along with the current bank's screw up on my recent check order makes this transition a wise move. Anyhow, I was reading about the products and services of one bank and all at once I saw a link "Open Account Online." I clicked the link, and VOILA! There was everything I needed but the personal banker. I filled out all the information, printed and signed the signature document, wrote a check, and dropped the whole thing in the mail. With the exception of mailing it, I did it all sitting in the comfort of my own home. The part that was a little frightening was their request that I verify some previous addresses. One of them was a place I lived for a short time in about 1990. This technological age amazes me. It is also a little frightening to think that they can access historical data about me that quickly. YIKES. I had almost forgotten that I lived there, but it's somewhere in my permanent file I guess. Be careful what you put out there on the internet. You might see it again some day. Now I sit back and wait for notice from the new bank that my account is open. I never have need to step into the branch. I will get a debit card and be able to order my checks on line and use the ATM. My pay is direct deposited, so who needs the branch? YIKES again. Has anyone heard from George Orwell recently? LOL

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Lemuel said...

Orwell is alive and well!