Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Musings

I survived Monday somehow.  Had a very busy weekend.  Took part in AIDS Walk in Midland on Saturday and church twice on Sunday.  That all meant two long drives (totalling about 400 miles).  The rest of Saturday was spent getting ready for Sunday, so there wasn't much down time on the weekend.  I woke up feeling fuzzy and almost panicky this morning which made the first half of the workday a bit weird.  The fog started to lift about halfway through the workday.  Of course, by that time, the fog and panic were replaced by a bit of exhaustion.  Came home where Ben had dinner and a big tall cocktail waiting for me.  Doing laundry this evening and perhaps tomorrow will actually get some of LAST WEEK'S laundry put away.  LOL.  Life is always an adventure here at Happy Acres.

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