Sunday, September 20, 2009

Home Again

Well, everyone, we have returned from a much needed and too short vacation. We visited with Ben's family in Iowa and had the opportunity to visit with friends in Illinois and Iowa. One thing I have never figured out is why people usually come home from vacations as tired as when they left. I truly believe that a one week vacation, while enjoyable, is too short. You spend the first couple of days unwinding from the chaos of routine life and the last couple of days gearing up to get back into it. That leaves four or five days to relax. Now a two week vacation would allow a week and a half to relax and have fun. I vote for more vacation time for most people. Europe seems to have it right -- people get much more "holiday" than we do, they are restricted on how much they can work. But it is wonderful to have been off for a week. Today is unpacking, laundry, groceries, and such. Can't wait for the next vacation break. Pictures may follow soon.


Lemuel said...

More and more we (at least some of us) are discovering that the "Old World" is *so* far ahead of us in so many ways!

Ur-spo said...

Europeans are far more sensible - having 4-6 weeks vacation not only is better for mental health but it paradoxically helps work productivity.
And nobody dies, the world doesn't come to an end for taking time off.
Americans are extremely dubious about not working. I daresay it is day in our blood, some Puritan matter.