Thursday, September 24, 2009

Emotional Ups and Downs

We've been back from vacation only a few days.  We had a wonderful time, doing our best to put the trials and troubles of day to day life out of our minds and to just relax and enjoy each others company.  It was wonderful, but ended way too soon.  We came home on Saturday, spent Sunday resting and doing laundry and stuff, and hit the work merry-go-round on Monday.  By the time we reached Wednesday night, we were both mental basket cases.  Our under-employment situations are no secret to long time readers.  Something has to give if we are to survive.  One or the other or both of us need jobs that use our talents and educations, that fulfill us, and that provide some financial rewards.  That likely means that we will have to re-locate and we are open to that -- the question is "Where?".  The answer to that is dependent on opportunities that may arise.  Of course, the preferences include warmth, some mountains (or at least hills higher than the freeway ramps), and reasonable travel time/distance to both families.  The lack of clarity and answers continues to leave us feeling confused and trapped in our current situation, which coupled with everything else, deepens the depression.  Thankfully, we have each other.  Ben is the bright spot in my life (and rumor has it that I light up his life).  Whatever we do, we will do it together.  I am not posting this to ask for answers, but simply to vent.  Of course, if someone HAS the answer, don't hesitate to send it ASAP.  Maybe God works through blogs too.


Ur-spo said...

I am glad you two have each other
The Divine works in so many ways, so why not blogs?
Perhaps this should be an adventure for you - let your intuition (angel?) guide you to a brave new world location.

Lemuel said...

From all that I've read "elsewhere", I think I can confirm that rumor. :)
I wish I knew of some opportunity for you both around here (despite our area's not qualifying in the "warmth" category). I'd invite you too to be here in a heartbeat. It would be great to have two such friends in the area.