Saturday, January 17, 2009

Unemployed for the Moment

Well, tonight ended my stint on the customer service desk at the local "X"mart kind of store. Everyone seemed genuinely sorry to see me go (guess I must have made a darned good employee). My new assignment begins on Wednesday, so from now til then I am a bum again LOL. I will be home to watch Gene Robinson pray at the Lincoln Memorial tomorrow night and for the inauguration on Tuesday (to hear Rick Warren?--ick). It will be nice tomorrow to come home from church and not have to dash out in my red shirt and khakis to work 6 hours in the evening. No more nights and weekends -- hallelujah.

Actually, leaving was a little bittersweet. I am surely glad to be doing something else and making more money and working days during the week. But I will miss some of the people and even a few of the customers. Some of them I will miss like one misses a toothache when a tooth is pulled, but there really were some nice folks too. Those I shall miss.


Ur-spo said...

May the new job and the future be good to you.

Lemuel said...

In every job I've had and left there have been those people that I hated to leave. There were also those that I could not get away from fast enough. I've got at least two of those latter types where I work now.