Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Day Off

Ben and I both had today off, and as usual, it did not go to waste. We began the day with my doctor appointment (which instead of being there 15-20 minutes took about 90 minutes including the wait. Then we headed to the local lab for my drug test for the new job -- I'm sure I passed. We finally had the opportunity for breakfast (of course it was 1PM by this time) at Cracker Barrell -- YUM. Then we got out the GPS and began the usual type adventure. Of course the first two places Ben entered in the GPS were CLOSED when we arrived at them. We still managed to have fun between shopping and looking at the sights -- not to mention a little bit of slip sliding on some of the roads. I actually bought a "Snuggie" (as seen on TV - the blanket with sleeves). I actually bought it to try one out before getting Mother one for her upcoming birthday (if any of the family is reading this -- I am buying her one so don't you!). It's really kind of neat -- another of those things that I wish I had invented. It's so sensible and simple, yet until recently was unheard of. Think of the money I could have made. Ah well, I need some new and practical (or at least saleable) ideas to get rich. Now we are sitting at home together relaxing and each of us surfing the web and reading email. Soon it will be off to bed in preparation for another day (I'm off tomorrow). Being off will mean a trip to the dog groomer, the bank, the dry cleaner, and maybe get the oil changed. I guess I should write a sermon sometime for Sunday. And that's the way it is on this wonderful day off. Hug someone.


Lemuel said...

It sounds like it was a delightful day!

As for "things we could have invented", I am always coming up with these neat ideas that I run passed my engineering friend, who then bursts my bubble by telling me it's already out there - or worse, showing me the thing in a catalogue! LOL!

Ur-spo said...

Cracker Barell? You two patronize CB?
I thought it was a nasty place for gay people?