Monday, January 12, 2009

This Week's Rant in Review

First, the good stuff. The other day I was having a major self pity party -- feeling useless, under appreciated at work and church, and not worthy of the desired appreciation. It was not a pretty sight. I managed to work up enough gumption to go to work -- it's really hard to do that when feeling in such a deep funk. Anyway, I made it through the work day and when I got home I discovered that my wonderful Ben had bought me the flowers pictured here. What a gorgeous array of happy colors. Of course that, along with the cherry pie and ice cream -- not to mention Ben himself -- helped pull me back to a tolerable level of feeling. He's a sweetheart, this one!!

Now, on to other stuff. I headed out for church on Sunday morning and had to make a stop for gas. I fell victim to one of those stations that has a different price for cash and for credit for the same gas. I find that practice offensive and somehow unethical. Needless to say, that station can be added to the "kiss my butt" list and I will purchase gas at stations that treat their customers fairly. I will continue to boycott stations who choose to penalize customers for the convenience of using a credit or debit card and paying at the pump. So far, in recent weeks, I have discovered this practice at one Mobil, one Citgo, and several BP stations. I think that whoever regulates gas stations in the state should do something about this silliness!!

Today was day six of a eight day stretch at work. It's not horrid, but eight days in a row (mostly second shift type hours is poopy. I'm looking forward to Thursday when Ben and I are both off. I have a doctor appointment in the AM, and then we have the rest of the day to do whatever floats our boat. That will probably be some adventure involving the GPS, back roads (if the snow is not too deep) and an exploring spirit. With Ben's imagination, we always find fun and unusual things to do as you have seen in various previous posts on his blog and here.

I am thoroughly aggravated with two temp agencies where I am registered. Both of these agencies called me back in early December with some "hot" assignments. I have called both of them back on multiple occassions only to receive no further response. How professional is that? These agencies are supposed to be looking out for the employer AND the employee/contractor. What kind of an example of responsible business behavior are they portraying by not at least returning phone calls?

My next rant of the week is television commercials. Those are the things around which the networks interject brief segments of mediocre programming. I think it is getting to the point where the commercial breaks are actually longer than the program segments that they separate. I think it's outrageous to pay the cost of cable television and still be plagued with ads for everything from credit counselors to condoms and beyond. Thank God for the DVR box -- we can record shows and fast forward through the commercial interruptions.

Well, since it is now Tuesday morning == early-- I suppose I should end this rant and get myself ready for some sleepy time. Hang in there and hug someone special.

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Lemuel said...

Were the flowers, ice cream, and pie for a special event? - or just a funk chaser? - regardless it was sweet.

As for the gas thing - a mjor supplier here tries that every now and then and usually ends up rescinding it (as it is now), because they lose business charging different amounts.