Monday, November 01, 2010

Where's the Dignity?

This election cycle is nearly over -- thankfully.  I would like to suggest to future candidates that they pledge to restore dignity, statesmanship, common decency, and professionalism to the election process.  I am so tired of candidates (or others in the political fray) calling others "corrupt bastards", "whore", "facist", "socialist" and so on or telling the President of the United States to "shove" his endorsement or using words like "that sucks".  Is this high school, the bar room, or even the water cooler crowd?  No, these are the people who are being considered for positions of extreme importance in the future of our nation and world.  These people want to govern?  They even even practice decency and decorum!  I wish one candidate would rise above the onslaught of mud, vulgarity, insult, and childish petulence and stand on his or her positions on issues -- not demeaning the opposition, but telling us what he or she (the candidate) will strive to do if they are elected.  What a change and what a positive example for the young people of the US.

Did you ever wonder where the bullying in schools is coming from?  Read the above paragraph!  If we say it's okay to be vulgar, to insult and demean, and to disrespect even the highest office in the land, is it any wonder that kids think it's okay to do that to their peers?  Add to that the rants of the religious right which do nothing but heighten the fears and bigotry that run so deeply in society.  Folks, it's time to reclaim some human dignity here, and I call upon every person who holds or hopes to hold a position of influence or authority to model the common decency and respect that they would like to experience.

And that's the way it is on this Election eve!

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Lemuel said...

There are those of us who agree with you, but the pollsters and the political marketers do not. They understand that these tactics work among the general populace. It is much like other things. Until we stop "buying the product", we'll get more and more of this low approach.