Thursday, November 18, 2010

What Marks a Leader?

I have been watching several politically oriented TV segments recently in which people keep saying that President Obama should change course in light of the midterm elections.  How sad!  A true leader does not always do what is popular, but stands firm for what he/she believes to be right.  Is it more important to do what is right or to get re-elected?  If what Mr Obama is focusing on is wrong, time will bear that out.  If it is simply unpopular, too bad.  When did we ever get to the point in society that the boisterous majority sets the course and determines policy?

If popluarity reigned, women would not be voting, gays would not be getting married, African Americans would be living is slavery and using separate facilities, the outcome of World Wars I & II would have far different, and the list goes on.   These irritants and deterrants to a healthy society were (or are being) eradicated because leaders led rather than followed.

It is time that we stopped allowing elections to be decided by popularity or by the amount of mud being slung, and elected leaders who will stand for right, regardless of the political cost.

And that, friends, is my rant for today.

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Lemuel said...

For the most part, I agree with you, Nick, but there are some cautions. Throughout history he have had leaders who, believing their own ideas to be right, have stood firm and led people into disaster, They were leaders, but not good leaders. We also - supposedly - have this nasty thing called a democracy.

That having been said, we do not need a leader who rules by sticking a wet finger into the wind. My sadness about the President is not based in whether he should cave, but that he continually has.

...and btw, my word verification was "woopp"!