Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just Checking In

Hey everyone!  There's not much happening at the moment, but since I haven't posted in a few days, I thought I ought to let you know that I am still alive.  I have been feeling a little bit useless of late -- down to working three days a week and no particular church responsibilities.  That means that, for the most part, I have four days a week to do as I please- the problem is that I haven't quite figured out what "do as I please" means.  I can sit and watch TV and play on the Internet all day, but then I feel as though I haven't accomplished anything.  I can clean, do laundry, or cook -- fun for a bit, but those things quickly lose their appeal.  I can go shopping -- but I don't need anything and I surely can't afford a lot.  I could travel, but that too costs money.  I think I may look at volunteer opportunities for a day a week or so, but I haven't quite decided where or what.  Sometimes I wonder if semi-retirement was the right choice -- that question is quickly settled every week when I hit that first work day -- wishing that retirement was total which also is not feasible right now.  Part of the reason for semi-retirement was to have more time to accomplish the church tasks, but that role changed a month ago.  I'm not really complaining here, just rambling, and searching for direction and renewed purpose.  Stay tuned for updates.   And that is the way it is today.  Have a good one.


Lemuel said...

I hope you find your niche. I like my "flexible" status. On Monday we had to make a quick trip 4 hours one way into hinterlands and back for a funeral. It was quite late when we got back. I loved the fact that on Tuesday, I could do as I pleased - putter and nap whenever I had the need.

Nick said...

I'm sure I will. I just need to find something that will give me a sense of accomplishment -- it will happen. Thanks.