Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The Morning After

Well, election night 2010 is over, even though there are still a few results to come in.  It was not a pretty night for the Democrats, but we still woke up today and, God willing, will wake up tomorrow as well.  Now that this bloodbath election is behind us and the 2012 bludgeoning has not begun in earnest, it is time to put parties and animosity aside and to work together to address the challenges that are before us -- jobs, economy, wars, the environment, DADT, same sex marriage, and the list goes on.  This cooperative spirit is needed, not only in Washington (though it is certainly essential there if there is to be improvement), but on every street in every town in every state.  We each need to remember that it is not about what is best for ME or my party or businesses or the poor or the rich or __________, but it is about what is best for the country and what is right.  That means the inclusion and the dignity of all people regardless of religious beliefs, sexuality, or any other matter that actually has nothing to do with governing.   Thankfully, most of the candidates who put forth hate or far out policy points LOST.  We are not a Christian nation nor are we a theocracy nor are we a heterosexual nation.  We are a nation, and we need to remember the phrase, "We the people".  We also need to stop saying, "I want my country back!"  My country, governed by Republicans and Democrats (and some Tea Party folks -- whatever exactly that means) is still here as it has been for more than 200 years.  There have been problems, challenges, failures, victories, advances, wars, peace, and all those ("my country" things) throughout our history, and I believe that if we are true to our founding principles (which were not exclusively Christian), we will persevere and be around for a very long time.  My challenge to you all today is this:  What are YOU doing to make it better?  And that, my friends, is the way I see it today!

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Lemuel said...

What has already started and what may be fun to watch over the next two years (at least I hope it will be fun) is the winners *dictating to each other* how everybody else is going to do things their way. (very contrary to your suggestion of what we need to do.)