Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Week of Fun and Business

Well, here we are on Tuesday of what promises to lead to a very busy weekend and begin a series of very busy days over the next several weeks. On Friday, we sign the lease on the new apartment and begin moving. Now most people would take advantage of the three day holiday weekend to make the move, but not us! We will do some moving and packing on Friday and Saturday, but on Sunday after church we will head north to the Mackinaw area where we will camp Sunday night in preparation for the 50th anniversary Mackinac Bridge Walk. We will head to St. Ignace on the north end of the bridge, and with thousands of others, we will walk the five miles south across the bridge to Mackinaw City. Once we do that and do a little touristy stuff, we will head home and begin packing and moving in earnest. We are looking at doing a yard sale the next weekend and doing the big move on the 15th (Want to come and help?). By the 22nd, we should be completely out of the house and beginning to settle in in our new digs. Perhaps by the time October comes, we will be ble to stop and breathe. Keep us in your thoughts as we make this transition. We are hoping and claiming that, even though we are losing our first home together, this will be a good move and a new beginning for us all. Take a moment and hug someone.


Ur-spo said...

i am thinking of you two, and your roommate Ernest.

Lemuel said...

If I could figure a way, I'd be glad to help. It's no fun to move, but many hands make light work. My best thoughts are with you!

Jarred said...

The Bridge Walk sounds like fun. Good luck with the moving!