Thursday, August 30, 2007

So What About Senator Craig?

By now, the name Larry Craig seems to be a household word. In case you haven't heard (What cave have you been in?), Senator Craig has come under fire since the revelation of his having pled guilty to a misdemeanor as a result of his restroom caper. Anyway, now there are calls for his resignation from the Senate. These calls are coming from all sides and for all kinds of reasons. So what is the issue here? Is it hyprocrisy? Senator Craig's voting record on GLBT issues is surely not reflected in his alleged behavior. Senator Craig is far from the only hypocrite in elected office. Many elected offices would be vacant if all the hypocrites were cast out. Is it the fact that he has pled guilty to a misdemeanor? If so, then apply the same rule across the board -- kick out any elected official who has ever committed any misdemeanor. Is it perhaps the TYPE of midemeanor? Well, how different are Senator Craig's actions from those of elected officials who consort with prostitutes? Yet, no one seems to be calling for those folks to resign. Is it that Senator Craig MAY (I did not say IS) be gay or bisexual? If that is the root reason, it is nothing but blatant homophobia. I would hope that Senator Craig has been through the wringer enough over this to reconsider his far right conservative stance on GLBT issues. Perhaps -- just maybe -- his votes would be more balanced. It's amazing how people come to a better understanding of the issues when they land at their own doors. Based on his voting record, I don't much like the Senator. I don't really approve of what he is said to have done. Do I think he should resign? That much depends on the reason. Whatever "rule" is applied in this situation should be applied across the board. The halls of Congress will rattle with the sounds of skeletons in closets everywhere. It is a sad day in this country when people, news media, and colleagues swarm like vultures and move in for the "kill". Senator Craig's political career is pretty much over. His conservative constituency will not likely re-elect him. Why not let him finish his term and then go home to deal with the consequences (and meaning) of his situation? That's how I see it. Have a great day.

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