Thursday, August 02, 2007

Ten Things That Piss Me Off

1. Those guys who wear their baseball caps backward! What do they use for brains?
2. The drooping pants look showing off the underwear and more!
3. People who throw cigarette butts and garbage out the car window – pick it up!
4. Inaccurate grammar – most of it is just laziness.
5. Cashiers who can’t seem to count change but rely totally on what the register says!
6. Folks who seem to have missed the turn signal option on their cars!
7. The drivers who speed up to pass you only to slam on the brakes to exit in a matter of yards.
8. So called religious folks who deny love and compassion to certain people or groups.
9. Incompetent parents – you know the ones I mean!
10. People who “flip people off” in traffic = how ignorant is that?

That's my current list of pet peeves -- what are yours?


Lemuel said...

Oh do I agree with most on your list! I do not know if they were in any given order, but here is your list re-ordered according to my level of irritation: 8,7,6,3,9,5,2,1

Steve and Warren said...

Wow...your sounding a bit disgruntled!

2,3, 7 and 10 are on my list for sure.

Keep will get better - I think!

Warren of Steve and Warren

Ur-spo said...

some of these are showing your age!
I concur about the butts- it burns my bacon.
Cruelty, uncaring, hypocrisy are my top things
Bad tea or worse - no tea is also a pisser.

BentonQuest said...

Hey Nick! Forgot about the word "troop" meaning "an armored cavalry or cavalry unit consisting of two or more platoons and a headquarters group" not meaning just one soldier.