Thursday, April 07, 2011

A Government Shutdown?

We are about one day from a potential government shutdown that is no one's fault but all of those who are playing politics rather than doing the jobs with which they were charged by the voters.  Thankfully, Social Security and Medicare will continue.  At least they aren't leaving seniors hanging in the wind.  Then there are the "non-essential" government workers who will be furloughed -- therefore, no pay!  That is sad and not good for the economy.  A couple other things, however, bother me a great deal more.  There are those workers deemed "essential" - military, TSA, border patrols, etc.  Those folks will be expected to work, but will not be paid.  Isn't that called SLAVERY?   Even more upsetting than this travesty is that Congress -- where the blame for this potential shutdown lies -- will continue to be paid!   This strikes me as being "government ABOVE the people", a phrase that, to the best of knowledge, does NOT appear in any constitution or other founding document.  If there is to be a shutdown -- and if Congress is deemed "essential" (something that could well be called into question), then make them work without pay -- I bet they would quit the bickering and get down to business and would find a way to compromise on the budget very quickly. 

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Lemuel said...

They have absolutely no shame in Congress. We saw it before during the health care debate. The Congress critters get free gold-plated health care from us, but the poor get nothing. Repeat and rinse with pensions and Social Security.
I do not think we've seen the likes of this since Louis and Marie [Antoinette].