Saturday, March 07, 2009


First, thanks to all who made suggestions about furniture arrangements in response to my last post. I knew that the particular readership of this blog would surely have ideas on decorating -- LOL. I am sitting here today watching it rain. Our weather has been weird -- cold and snow, then warm and sunny, now cold and rainy --welcome to Michigan where if you don't like the weather, wait a few minutes. My sermon is pretty much ready for tomorrow, a load of dishes is washed as is a load of laundry. Ben will be home within the hour and dinner is on the horizon. Tomorrow is church and a board meeting -- oh joy! Less than four months and my time with this group will be O-V-E-R!!. It's been an interesting ride with moods swinging from excitement to gloom and back toward excitement. It is my prayer that during these four months I can narrow that swing and focus the group on being church. Ah well, we shall see. In six weeks time, Ben and I will be moving -- scary prospect. I look forward to the new place, but getting all this crap packed and moved and unpacked is a daunting challenge. We shall, however, manage it somehow. Anyone want to come and help? Well, that's about all that's going on here -- guess I will wrap this up and go back to playing games on Facebook. See you there!


Lemuel said...

Move? No thank you!

Peter said...

Moving is also a good way of getting rid of clutter.

You know all those things you 'schlepp' with you from place to place without doing anything with them, while they gather dust in a closet.