Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What a Week

Well, folks, it's been almost a week since I've posted anything here. That is partly because I have been dog-tired what with the new job and all. It amazes me how hard people will work for the minimum wage. It's hardly a get rich quick (or ever) scheme, and I don't think this is a career move for me -- but it is an existence. Last week I put in about thirty hours;this week will be closer to forty (but it is still "part time"). For the most part, the co-workers are all right, some more helpful and friendly than others, and none of them mean or hateful (so far). The guests (in common lingo that means customers) likewise for the most part are pretty decent folks. There are those few who drive me up the walls. For instance:

1. The other day I had a woman at the register with three or four small and unruly children with her. They wanted to go on the pony ride (you know the kind in the front of the big "Mart" type stores). She was doing NOTHING to keep these monsters from grabbing at stuff, screaming, trying to spin the bagging carousel (which made it pretty tough to hit the bags with the groceries. And SHE has the right and privilege of being a parent? Hmmmm.

2. The woman who was not only upset but furious that a cashier had rung up an item twice on her order. I grant you, she was justified in letting us know and getting the adjustment, but she went on and on as though the cashier was either an idiot or had done it to her on purpose. And she couldn't handle this stress because of her heart. If she had simply come and asked for the money back, the stress level would have diminished and she'd have been fine -- but no -- she was the wounded one here and everyone (everyone) had to know about it.

3. Then there was the guy that I somehow overcharged for his tomatoes. He came back to my lane (3 customers later) and wanted an adjustment. I told him he would have to go to the service desk for an adjustment. Then he decided he didn't want them at all, to which I replied that he had to go to the service desk to return them. He blew a gasket and yelled that it was my fault that he was in the @@@****$$&&#* store 20 minutes more than necessary. I choked back my suggestion as to where he could stick his tomatoes -- after all, he was the guest and I was the grunt.

4. Today I had a woman guest with two big carts of groceries (so we know that this was not an unplanned stop). When I got about two thirds through her order, she discovered that she didn't have her check book (and apparently no cash, credit cards, or common sense either). That meant suspending her transaction while she called her hubby to bring the checkbook (after he searched for a new pad of checks). Fifteen minutes she was back at my register with the needed check, so I had to make another guest wait while I went through the process of receiving her check -- I didn't have to ring anything up again, but the computer had to reprint the entire register tape - and it went on and on.

5. And lastly, there are a few who want to be the exception to policy. This is especially true on the matter of returns. Our return policy is clearly stated and we do make some exceptions, but what some of them want is way beyond an exception -- they almost want an exemption so they can do whatever they please. I wonder if their mothers told them that they were more important than everyone else or if they are simply assholes. LOL

So that's it for Wednesday. You all have a good week and be kind to those cashiers. They work their asses off for YOU. Hug someone.

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Lemuel said...

1. Of course, she has the right to be a parent, Nick! She's a breeder and they are by nature good parents, certainly unlike gays!

2. ...and the award for drama queen goes to... It's no good to be a martyr unless everyone knows.

3. Hmmm. Take returns to the Service Desk. Novel concept for a store, Nick. I would never have thought of that. I am sure that no other store ever does it that way!

4. Was she blond? Perhaps you and the other guests can take comfort in the thought that, had she remembered her checkbook to begin with, if would have taken her just as long - after you completely finished ringing her up and bagging her things - to root through her pocket book to find said checkbook, find a pen, and write out the check. "Who do I make it out to again?"

5. Anyone who shops at a "mart" knows that he/she is indeed a unique and "exceptional" individual. Such places specialize in customization. Everyone knows that.

(If you have not noted the simmering sarcasm in my comments, you are not paying attention.)