Friday, July 04, 2008

RIP Jesse Helms

This nation lost a dedicated lifelong public servant today as Sen. Jesse Helms passed away. Now, I agreed with little that came out this arch conservative's mouth. He opposed most of the things that I stand for and stood for many things that I am against. His anti[everything rhetoric was horrid and hurtful to millions. BUT he was doing the job to which he was elected to the best his abilities based on his beliefs and such. I have seen several posts today from GLBT sources gleefully reporting his death with relish. Such gleeful reaction to the passing of a former US Senator is horribly rude and immature. It also gives some degree of credibility of the attitudes held by Sen. Helms and his cronies. It is also terribly insensitive. The man left a loving family and scores of friends and colleagues who are grieving his passing. If the roles were reversed and the conservatives gleefully reported the death of a prominent GLBT activist, the community would be up in arms. Are we so damaged that we can justify being so hateful and immature? I extend to the people of North Carolina, to Sen. Helms' family and friends, and the US Senate prayers of comfort and peace during this difficult time. To those who want to revel and rejoice in his passing -- grow up!

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Ur-spo said...

Alas, when I think about all the awful things he said and did, I confess my emotional reaction to hearing him gone was 'I am glad he is gone'

What a legacy: a person leaves and their death brings joy and relief.

Still, I hear the scene in Angels of America when they pray over Roy's dead body....