Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Two Years and Counting

My goodness, how time flies when you are having fun. Today marks two years since my visit to Ben's house -- the visit that changed our lives forever. Over that two years, we have commuted between his house and mine, finally moved me to his house, and then together moved to our present location. His view of the world expanded dramatically that night and in the two years since. You'd never know that he was a "newbie"--he's a quick learner. Together we have worried and cried through the stuff with churches and jobs. Together we have experienced the coming out process anew and dealt with meeting the in-laws. Together we have dealt with the asshole neighbor from HELL (More on that in a moment). All I want to say besides restating the fact that I love Ben dearly is that even though HIS life changed dramatically, mine has as well. I think I am the luckiest guy in town to have him. There are times that he thinks he doesn't deserve me, but I disagree -- and I can't think of anyplace I'd rather be than at his side! Ben, here's to the past two years and to the many more to come -- I LOVE YOU.

Now, on to the neighbor. This is the one that Ben told you about a while back who wondered if we had fornicating pachyderms (look up the words if you can't figure it out)in our apartment. Last night, about 11:10 PM, right after we hit the bed, there came a knock at the door. I grabbed a robe and answered the door -- maybe I should have skipped the robe and shocked the snot out of him. There was the infamous downstairs neighbor complaining that it sounded like a herd of elephants (no expletives this time -- maybe fatherhood has cleaned up his potty mouth) and that our "stomping around" woke up the baby three times. Now -- here's the odd thing. Until 20 minutes before his knock, I was home alone watching TV. The most "stomping around" I did was to walk from the living room to the bathroom or kitchen and I didn't stomp. Perhaps the 9 pound poodle or the fat cats were having a dance in the bedroom. Who knows? Perhaps the reality is that the guy is a jerk whose life is so empty that all he can find to do is complain. If he would find a job, perhaps he would settle down. When he said that if it continued he would call the cops, I told him to go right ahead. Can you imagine? "Hello! Police department."; "Um, hi, I want to report my neighbors making a lot of noise."; "What kind of noise?"; "They are stomping around like elephants." Possibly after the laughter in the station house dies down, the police will either tell him to get a life, or they will come and ask about it. We would tell the truth and the downstairs guy would look like an idiot -- which would be appropriate since that is what he appears to be. We have been in touch with the office once again, and we are documenting all this crap. If it continues, the complex WILL have to do something -- either move us or kick his sorry butt out. Stay tuned for more.

Hope you all have a good day. Send happy thoughts our way as we continue to bask in the warm glow of new love. Honey, i love you a bunch. Y'all hug on someone.


Lemuel said...

Too bad you had to put up with him on the night before your anniversary. Wishing you a happy anniversary despite him!

Ur-spo said...

i am glad you two have each other
happy anniversary and may there be many many more.