Monday, December 10, 2007

Life Marches On

Gosh, I just looked and realized that it's been nearly two weeks since I posted anything on this page. It's not that there is nothing to say or that I don't want to talk to anyone. I just get busy doing other things and put it off another day -- much like letter writing, dieting, exercising, and other such icky things LOL. The reality is that today I've been thinking about the latest rash of seemingly indiscriminate shootings at malls and now at churches. There have been trips to the mall recently where I was tempted (tongue in cheek) to shoot a few folks (or at least to invest in a cattle prod). While these kinds of rampages are just wrong no matter where they occur, I think they are especially wrong in houses of worship -- places of sanctuary. What has our world become when churches need to have armed security guards and people walk in with guns blazing? Where is the peace, the sanctity, the respect? I could make this all about gun control, but that would only address part of the problem. I think it more about self control. Our society is becoming anarchistic -- there is a pervasive attitude of "It's all about me." If someone hurts me, I somehow have the right to lash out at anyone and everyone. Why? What makes me responsible for your girlfriend dumping you or your employer shipping your job overseas? I wish I had the answers, but somehow we have to work together to overcome this pandemic of violence and self centeredness. It grieves my heart to think that someone could have sunk so low within his or her own mind that the lives of others become totally devoid of any value or meaning. During this holiday season, take a moment and at least breathe a prayer for those undergoing such stress and chaos in their lives. Pray for the families and loved ones of the vicitims of these senseless acts. Pray for the congregations and communities impacted by the violence. Seek after the promise of peace on earth. And that 's the way I see it today. hug someone

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Lemuel said...

And I'll return that hug!