Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Word for the Day Is "Exhausted"

You may have noticed that this blog has been pretty silent this week. That is because I leave the apartment a bit after 7AM to head to work. After an 8 hour day, I head to the house to help Ben pack up another load (There have been so many!!), and then back to the apartment, often getting home after 8 or even as late as 9. Besides the time, the house is 2 stories plus attic and basement and the apartment is a third floor walk up. That ought to tell you how physically exhausting each load can be. I am so in need of a down day just to rest and regroup. Actually, we both are and it will come soon. If you check Ben's page, he presents a photo of one room in the apartment -- boxes everywhere. Multiply that by another bedroom, the living/dining room, and the hallway and you can imagine the seemingly endless sea of "stuff." I am hoping that today's load will just about complete the task. There is literally no more space in the apartment. I need some time to get stuff put in drawers, closets, and secret hiding places so that we can get the job done. The poor animals are almost at a loss for places to lay about as are we. We got the great cable package with the HD receiver for the living room TV -- guess what? The LR is so crowded right now that we can't sit there and enjoy the superb quality TV. Besides, there's hardly time to watch it anyway. Even though we are both physically and mentally fried, we both seem to handling things pretty well. Ben has moments of bittersweet--his life has gone through so much loss and turmoil over the time we've been together. Yet he presses on. What is truly amazing to me is that throughout this grueling process there has not been one cross word or moment of disagreement. That, my friends, tells me that either this relationship is right or else we are both some zombied out that nothing matters. I can tell you this - the first option is the right one. Perhaps this weekend things can slow down just a bit and we can concentrate on making our new digs "home". Watch our blogs for more pics as the place becomes presentable. Hug someone and stay happy!

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