Sunday, September 16, 2007

Settling In and Trying to Regroup

Well, the bulk of the big move has been accomplished. We loaded up the big truck yesterday morning and met my sister and her husband at the new place in the early afternoon. Thank God they were here to help. My knee cooperated up to a point -- thank God for Aleve. Ben says, "Oh, now you can do permanent damage to your knee and not even feel it." We are butt hole deep in boxes and there is still a lot of little "stuff" in the house to move over here. Plus we need to get Ben's glass supplies out and to the new "studio". So this week appears to be another week of fun and frolic. BUT we are here and, as you might have read in Ben's blog, already locked horns with the downstairs idiot -- I mean -- neighbor. Hopefully I have here clothes and stuff for work tomorrow; if not, they get what they get. There's still some "fluffing" to do (pictures on the walls, a few more nicknacks, etc., but this is now home and it will be so until the lease is up or something major breaks in Ben's journey. Stay tuned for more fun details. Try to get some rest and hug someone special. I'm pooped!

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