Friday, September 21, 2007

It Is Finished

It is finished and so are we -- we emptied the house today and now the apartment is all but impassable with boxes and the endless stream of stuff. But with the exception of a couple of items still in the truck, the steady stream of trips up and down stairs is done. Tomorrow we dig into boxes and start to move things into their appropriate places. I think that closets and cabinets will be bursting at the seams, but we will make this all work out and this will be home for at least the next year. Life will begin to have some normalcy to it -- praise God. It was weird leaving the house for this, the last time. Ben hung in there, though I know it is a tough time for him. He is so much stronger than even he realizes. Now that we are out of the house and the memories -- good and not so good -- that it held, we can begin to forge forward in our life together. Thanks to all you good folks who kept us in thought and prayer through this whole process. More later.


Lemuel said...

I hope you and Ben labeled the boxes better than we did! "Now, where did we put that? O yeah, one of the boxes marked 'stuff'."

HUGS and best wishes!

Ur-spo said...

i am glad you two survived
the great work continues...