Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sunday Morning

Happy Palm Sunday! Happy April Fools Day! Happy April! Welcome to the second quarter of 2007. Well, folks, it's really weird -- it's Sunday and Palm Sunday at that and I am sitting here in my robe, drinking coffee, watching TV, and blogging instead of being in church. Today is my official last day at the church though last Sunday was really my good bye day. The past few days have been "vacation." It's a weird feeling -- bittersweet --relief misxed with a touch of sorrow, and also wondering what is next for me. Only time will tell.

I found out Friday that I will be working 10 hour days this week -- Monday through Thursday, and then off on Friday. It sounds like a fair trade off. Those ten hour days means that there won't be many posts here this week. After 10 hours on the computer, who wants to do more when they get home? So my wish for you, my friends, is a joyous and insightful Holy Week. May all the answers you seek become crystal clear in this time of deep personal reflection and growth. Hug someone you love.

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Ur-spo said...

in my church the joke is "Jesus is up but the priests are dead".