Sunday, April 08, 2007

He is Risen -- In the Snow

Happy Easter! Christ is Risen! And as he came forth from the tomb he beheld the fresh fallen snow.... Well, if I were preaching around here this morning, that is how I might imagine the sermon starting. I think that I might have to force myself to focus on the fact that Easter is about Resurrection, not about Spring! It's about new life, not about flowers, eggs, rabbits or candy. It is a day in which we who are Christians should rejoice yet somehow this year I just don't feel that sense of Easter joy. I am a man without a church and a preacher without a pulpit. That feels weird and leaves me feeling somehow disconnected from the body. At the same time the snow and cold does little to speak to me of life and new starts and all those Easter themes. Perhaps for me this Easter needs to be about faith that there is a future and a hope. Now in that I can rejoice -- I hope it comes to pass in the near future. The uncertainty of our current situation is stressful -- Ben has days where he is a basket case; I have days where I wonder why we should go on. These are the days I struggle through, relying on that faith that has My Easter prayer for you is that you might know the joy and celebration that the Resurrection holds. May God touch your heart with the disovery of new life today.


Ur-spo said...

and the same back to you
We heard about the part of the easter story about how the women were sooo worried about how they were gonig to roll back the stone that was in their way, only to discover...
a good thing to hear today.

Lemuel said...

Yes, Ur-Spo is right. This wondrous "Queen of Seasons" is the opportunity to hear of hope springing forth from despair, life from apparent death, new and unfathomable beginnings from apparent endings.

In the words of the refrain from the wonderful Easter hymn: "Jesus is risen and we shall arise! Give God the glory! Alleluia!"