Sunday, April 22, 2007

I'm Back

Can you believe it's been two weeks since I posted anything to this blog? I guess I was in a writer's wilderness or something or been busy or who knows what. There hasn't been a lot of interest to share. Life goes on. I got to thinking about the media feeding frenzy over the horrific shootings at Virginia Tech. Yes, I am sorry that it happened; yes, I wonder with the rest of the world - Why?; yes, I feel sorry for the families of the victims (including the family of the shooter). However, I don't need to hear things like, "Your sister was one of the victims. How does that make you feel?" How is one supposed to answer that? "No big deal, I didn't like her"? or "Now Mom will pay attention to me"? NO-one can only express the obvious -- grief, sorrow, anger, and the like. For me, I'd rather close ranks around family and grieve privately. We don't know WHY the tragedy happened, but five days of the Today Show from the VT campus isn't going to do much to change that. I turned it off at least two days during the week because I was sick of it. But not to worry, it's taking a back seat to the new news flash -- the Alec Baldwin affair. It was wrong of him to lambast his preteen daughter on voicemail that way, but it's not the business of every thinking person in this country. Aren't there more important things to talk about? Things like, "When are we getting the troops out of Iraq." or "How much longer do we have to put up with GW?" or "How serious is global warming??. Enough of the carnage at VT, enough of raking Alec over the coals. Let's find some positive news to dwell on for a change, we all can find enough negative shit -- let's look for and focus on the positive. Aren't you all glad I am back on my soapbox? LOL. More later. Give someone a hug>


Ur-spo said...

I've been waiting; I am glad you are back.

Lemuel said...

We need someone like you on the soapbox! Glad to read you again!