Tuesday, October 26, 2010

One Week and Counting

Here we are - one week until election day and the end (at least for a a short time) of the hateful political ads that are rampant.  Telling me that your opponent is a no good scoundrel without any substantive message of your positions or aspirations does not induce me to vote for you.  Distorting truth, name calling, fear mongering, and the like do nothing but make people angry, disappointed, disillusioned and frustrated, with an ever increasing likelihood of lowering voter turnout.  Now, for me, my decisions are made in all major races and I will be sure to be at the polls next Tuesday supporting candidates of the party that DOES NOT tax the people while giving businesses huge tax breaks, the party that DOES NOT stomp all over the rights and dignity of people who are "different", the party that DOES NOT start unjustified wars and then fund them OUTSIDE of the budget process, nor the party that wraps the flag in a narrow, judgmental, hateful cloak of religion (THEIR religion of course).  Remember as we come down to the wire, YOUR VOTE MATTERS.  Be the change you want to see -- progress or return to what led us to where we are today -- if you don't vote, don't complain about the results.

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Lemuel said...

I'm going to be there at the opening bell, but sadly this time I'm mostly voting *against* candidates rather than *for* candidates.