Thursday, October 28, 2010

Is it Groundhog Day?

Believe it or not, I've found something more annoying than the political ads!  A product called Hydrolyze has been running an ad for at last the past two weeks or so in which they offer a free sample of their product for "the next 24 hours."  Now, do they think we are so stupid to fall for the 24 hour thing when the ad is on day after day?   That one ranks up there with those that are selling wonderful "as seen on TV" JUNK, and add the line, "We'll send a second one absolutely free; just PAY additional shipping and handling."  How do absolutely free and just pay even go in the same sentence?   Come on, advertisers, do you think that people are that stupid?  Hmmm, maybe that question IS the tie between this kind of ad and the political ads. 


Lemuel said...

I also love those ads that imply that you must call in the next ten minutes (and have a helpful countdown clock in the corner of the screen - or those that tell you that if the phone number displayed is blinking then operators are standing by.

But to answer your question: yes, advertisers do think that Americans are that stupid. ...and just for the record, they are. You only need to look at the political polling to know.

Nick said...

And remember to "have your credit card ready!!"