Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Majority takes Rights from the Minority - Again

The results of the vote in Maine overturning the right of ALL people to marry the person of their choice are in, and -- big surprise -- the narrow minded heterosexual majority stripped away the rights of a minority.  Why do we continue to put basic human rights up to a popularity contest?   When will we learn that all people are deserving of the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and that these rights are not subject to "majority rule"?  Again I need to ask the question, 'How does my choice of a lifemate or spouse affect your marriage?'   I believe that eventually this matter will have to be decided in the courts and the legislatures, and once the rights are granted, they will not be taken away by narrow minded bigotry.  Marriage WILL ultimately be expanded to include all people -- why continue to fight and impede progress and inclusion?  

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Lemuel said...

The same mindset that forced Galileo to concede that the sun does indeed revolve around the earth are at work here. Despite that concession, the rest of us know that it is not true. Eventually the majority came around (although it took a couple hundred years for that mindset to admit they were wrong). How sad that so many have to suffer the loss of rights (and happiness) while waiting for that mindset to wake up to the fact that "nevertheless it does" (apocryphal quote) and that they are wrong on this issue too.