Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A "LULU" of a Mall

Today Ben and I were fortunate enough to have a day off together. Once we got up and moving, we headed out to visit with one of my church musicians to run through some stuff for Christmas Eve. After a few minutes of review, we moved on to a delightful conversation and then we were off to lunch at a local restaurant where we each had our own pizza (they were small, but they were among the best I've had in a very long time). After lunch, Ben and I stopped at the church to do some copying and the rest of the day was ours. He is posting some pictures from along our journey, but I've got a couple of mine posted here. Our journey took us to another unusual mall (Last week, the mall was eerily empty). This one has very few merchants in it, but has become almost a museum of assorted and odd memorabilia as you can see from the pictures. The statue of Little Lulu (remember her from the comics?) brought out the pervert in Ben and I had to get the shot.

Here's a couple more to let you see the odd stuff -- the heli-boat was really odd, but the sign said it is the only one in existence. It struck me as a bit "James Bond-ish."


Lemuel said...

You must tell Ben that the Committee will be examining his Card for sticking his hand up that girl's skirt! ;)

Steve F. said...

What you called the "heli-boat" actually looks like a takeoff of the 1960's SuperCar. Weird stuff - unless you were a big SuperMarionation fan (Thunderbirds, Fireball XL5 or the like), you wouldn't have recognized it!