Wednesday, August 13, 2008

International Criminals

Hi all! Ben and I both had the day off so, as usual, we headed out for an adventure. We drove to Detroit and visited the two big casinos (I think between us we played about 3 dollars and lost it all). After watching the people for a while, we realized that we were only a few feet from the international border with Canada. Always being up for something new (Ben had never been to Windsor) we decided to head to Windsor to look around. We battled through a major construction mess to get to the bridge and crossed the Detroit River. When we arrived on the Canadian side, we got the third degree -- where were we from, how did we know each other (we said roommates -- why rock the immigration boat) where we were going, etc. They pulled us aside, searched the car, asked a million more questions and finally admitted us to Canada. We drove around a bit, visited the big casino there, had lunch, and decided to come back to the good old USA. We came back through the tunnel (to avoid some of the construction near the bridge) and got to the customs and immigration lane where we were questioned again and were informed that we were in violation of federal law because we did not carry proof of US citizenship. I remember the days when you didn't even need ID to cross -- ah, times have changed. After scolding us and explaining the law, the agent waved us through and we were back on our home turf. The whole crossing in both directions made me feel as though we were being treated as criminals. As Ben said -- if we had been planning an attack (which neither of us would ever do) we would have had papers in order and been right up the letter of the law -- the perfect crossing tourists. The fact that we were so scatterbrained as to not have proof or even a specific destination in Canada should have been a tipoff that we were on the up and up. I think that today was the last crossing to Canada for either of us for the foreseeable future. I can go to work and be treated better LOL. Anyway, with the exception of the third degree, we had a wonderful day and now are sitting at home enjoying the evening.

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Lemuel said...

You realize of course that now all of us who read your blod are guilty by association. :-D