Monday, October 01, 2007

What Do You Think?

I have been working my temp job since January and it looks as though it might continue for the foreseeable future. This is good news, especially on payday and when the bills are due. However, the fact remains that, since it is a temp job, any day could well be my last. I live with that eventual probability on a daily basis. I know that is one of the down sides of temp work. The temp-ermance (How's that for a word?) of it is a known factor and I accept that. That is not my issue. The issue at hand is that the company where I am working keeps talking about being a team, and about "world class service" and all that happy stuff. We are expected to be prepared for internal and external audits. They plan "events" like potlucks, dress up days, dress down days, theme days, and more. They treat us in many respects as permanent employees -- BUT we are not permanent any more than snow is permanent on the ground. People wonder why I question the need to be ready for audits or why I care less about dressing up to impress some corporate bigwig who will never happen down my row anyway. If they are going to treat us in actions and expectations as permanent employees, then why not hire us and give us a reason to give a crap about their goals of "world class service."? Why doesn't the leadership recognize the skill sets we bring to their business? When is an employee not an employee? When it suits the business. I won't say "employer" because my employer of record is the temp agency through whom I work. That's the company that should be expecting things of us and including us in things -- not their client! That's the way I feel, and today I feel it as much as anything? What do you think?


Lemuel said...

I think you are correct, but until there is a philosophy in government that recognizes the worker as a valuable asset to the economy and not just an expendable liability, you will see more of this inane and insane management b.s.

Amanda said...

From a company’s stand point, you are right, you are not their employee. They want to have employees in this situation because it makes them a more flexible company, it is a cheap alternative to hiring true employees, and risk is their only worry. The fear behind IRS reclassification has caused many companies to reevaluate how they interact with temporary and independent “employees.” The company is walking a fine line. If you look too much like a regular employee they are opening themselves up to the risk of being sued or being fined by the IRS. At the same time, they want to build a cohesive company culture. This has caused many independent contractors, consultants, and even large companies to turn to MyBizOffice. You are technically being subcontracted out, there is little to no risk involved for the company and they are still spending the same amount of money on you. Many of the consultants that use MyBizOffice consider themselves a part of the company they work with. They say, “I work at ABC, Inc and MyBizOffice does my payrolling.” So while we are your portable employer of record, we do not manage your relationship with your client or clients, you still maintain the independence and the freedom to develop your relationship with your client, further your career without them having the fear.
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Ur-spo said...

this may be a comfort, but as a salaried employee as a physician i have the same issue/concerns etc. so i guess there is very little greener grass anywhere for work.
i don't invest that my job is going to provide for me, either emotionally or finanicaly.